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Bruce Lee

Bruce Lee (china) – Graduated from the City University in Macau with a Bachelor’s Degree in Applied Psychology.  His concentration was Buddhist psychology, and especially Zen and psychological counseling. (He studyied under Shen Heyong, who was the first person to teach Jung’s Analytic Psychology in China.)

In 2011, he formally acknowledged Mingxuan as Chan Master and took his tonsure (rite of admission) in Ashoka Temple. Afterwards, he lived in Zhenru temple on Yunju Mountian and Baofeng Temple (both in Jiangxi province) and studied in Yunmen Temple and Nanhua Temple (in Guangdong province) and Xiantong Temple on Wutai Mountain (in Shanxi Province.)  He is also skilled in the guqin (an ancient musical instrument with a three thousand year history in China) and is fluent in English, Mandarin and Cantonese.  Currently, he lives in China where he is the Director of the Psychological Counseling Center in Grand Buddha Temple and the Chairman of the Buddhist Psychology Development Center in the Lingnan Buddhist Culture Research Institute.