Consuelo (Chile)- Graduated with a degree in Psychology from Universidad Mayor, specialized in Systemic Therapy, with a Diploma in family, childhood and adolescense. She worked as a Human Resources Psychologist in the Regional Hospital of Valdivia, as a Consultant Psychologist in the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), in the Integral House of the Youth, Dirección Regional de los Rios.(INJUV). She has been volunteering with children in residential care for over 6 years. She speaks Spanish and English. She has traveled to Argentina, Austria, Bolivia, Brazil, Cambodia, China, Colombia, Costa Rica, Croatia, Ecuador, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Laos, Malaysia, Mexico, Monaco, Myanmar, Panama, Peru, Philippines, Singapore, Slovenia, Spain, Thailand, United States, Uruguay, Vatican City State, and Vietnam. She has lived in Australia and New Zealand, and now resides in Chile.

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