Services – At the 5th International Congress of Psychoanalysis, Freud stated “The conscience of society will awake and remind it that the poorest man should have just as much right to assistance for his mind as he now has to life-saving help offered by surgery…The neuroses threaten public health no less than tuberculosis.”
Keeping with this spirit, we offer a sliding pay scale to those who are in need and cannot otherwise afford the full cost of treatment. Due to the international nature of our business, adjustments must be made to take into consideration the local market price of a client’s home nation. Currently our standard fee here in China is 900 Rmb/hour. But obviously that price cannot hold everywhere.

1) Our introductory package includes ten hours of sessions online (or in person in China.) It is the minimum amount needed for you to get aquainted with our method.

2) After your introduction you will be charged the normal package of 20 hours of session per time period.